This is a post about music. What is the appeal that music has to you? What sort of music do you like? Do you play a musical instrument? When do you usually listen to music and what is the effect that it has on your mood? Who is your favorite singer and/or band? Why? Have you ever participated in a music event yourself? Have you ever been to a concert? What were your feelings? You can write your views on any of the above topics in a short article of 150-200 words. I’m looking forward to your posts!



Famous people


So, who is your favorite star? You can refer to anyone, from film stars to famous athletes or singers. How did they begin their career? How did they become famous? What is it in their personality that made him/her your favorite star? And… what are the advantages and disadvantages of being famous? I’m expecting your posts! Remember, no more than 200 words!!!


True or false? Commonly held views about the Greeks and Germans that proved right or wrong


And now comes the difficult part… Below you can see a list with ‘typical’ Greek and German characteristics I found while browsing the Internet. I would like you to comment on those characteristics and say which of those proved right or wrong for the Greeks and Germans you met and stayed with during those three years of exchange visits between our schools. Considering the fact that this is a sensitive issue, please be objective! My aim in doing this is to disperse some myths about the Greeks and Germans that have recently come to the forefront due to the ongoing  European financial crisis. Is there any truth in those views? Looking forward to posts from both countries!! Please feel free to comment on each others’  posts but be nice!!

Well, first about the Greeks:

Greeks are hard to categorize but often Greek people have dark curly hair and light colored eyes and may be emotionally expressive and friendly.

Almost all Greeks are kind, lovable, friendly, passionate and are loud. These are just a few things that are common among Greeks. Greeks also dress very well and presented for any event. They love to cook and eat, which is why a lot of them are a bit overweight.

 Show-offs, overbearing, over-passionate, not very discreet, ready to criticize,  and sometimes jealous and pushy! Loud (not so much the new generation), lazy (lots of them but not all) and they just want to have fun all the time not focusing on the serious things. There is more, but I don’t want to get into it. Ah yes, bad tempered too!


Now, the Germans:

Over the years, I’ve come to agree….there are are seven obvious and traditional personality traits of a typical German. I realize….that I will take heat for this. But in some ways, I consider these to be positive in certain ways. And no, not all Germans are this way….but these are the obvious ones that you will notice.

First, stubbornness. A German simply holds to one ideal, and continues on. They don’t change their opinion often….and when they do….it’s a necessity that they approach in a mental sense and just do it.
Second, holding to traditions. If a German starts a tradition….they rarely fail to accomplish this. I would put Oktoberfest as the prime example….but there are millions of these in German society. It could be the start of fall clean-up in your neighborhood and the accepted date for that. It could be the summer fest week that has gone on for sixty years in your local town. Unless a flood occurs, folks don’t shift from the traditions.
Third, thriftiness. Normally, I’d just call this cheapness….but I have to be fair here. You could walk up to most Germans and tell them they have $300 for an entire 10-day summer vacation….and somehow, they’d figure a way to enjoy their 10 days off….with such a modest amount of money.
Fourth, argumentative. Germans can find a thousand things to argue about. It could be one guy planting shrubs of a disliked nature that the neighbor can’t stand. It could be the act of cranking your car for two minutes in winter to warm it up. One minute of such a cranking would be tolerated, but not two, and thus inviting an argument sooner or later.
Fifth, a bit of humor that is different. It is a cynical sort of humor that most Germans tend to appreciate.
Germans love office humor if it’s compared to their actual environment. They laugh over the stories at a butcher shop or government bureaucracy…..because they face this each and every day.
Sixth, coldness. It could take a decade to really know your neighbor after you move in. In fact, you might never know your neighbor beyond a beer you share together once a month when mowing the grass.
A German keeps this coldness… a defending tactic. It protects their inner circle and makes them feel secure.
Seventh and final…..creative. The little sensor that detects rainwater on the windshield of your car and automatically turns the wiper on? It’s from a German. ABS? It’s from a German. There are dozens of car devices which relate back to a German who just kept thinking about how things work.
Please, take all the above with a pinch of salt and tell me in which ways your experience proved some (or all?) of these characteristics to be true or false. I’m sure it will be an interesting discussion!

A typical day in Greece during exchange visits


This is a post for German students who visited Greece during the exchange visits with the 1st Junior High School of Egio. I would like you to describe what a typical day in Greece was like during your stay as well as your feelings and memories from the days you spent with our students. You can write about anything you wish: food, Greek hospitality, places you visited or anything else you would like to share with us! I would like you to write in English but German is also acceptable! Looking forward to your posts! Thank you!


What the Greeks saw in Germany: German hospitality


This is a post for Greek students who traveled to Germany in the last 3 years of exchange visits with the Oettingen Gymnasium. Here, I would like you to mention some facts about German hospitality that you experienced during your stay with German families. It could be anything: food, visits to German sites, customs, traditions, daily habits that made your stay there memorable!


The Greek tragedy travels: Experiences and memories from 3 years of exchange visits


This is a post for students from the 1st Junior High School of Egio as well as those students from the Oettingen Gymnasium in Germany who took part in the exchange visits between these two schools in the last 3 years. I would like you to post the most memorable moments from those visits that you would like to share with the rest of us. Feelings, thoughts and anything else worth mentioning that brought the students from the two countries together during those difficult years of financial crisis that negative stereotypes are prevalent for both countries and their people… There is a series of relevant posts you can also comment on. I think that this is a unique opportunity to remember the things that bring us together!! Please feel free to post your comments in the comment area below. Looking forward to your posts! Thank you!!!

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Dear students,

here you can upload articles about recycling. Your focus should be on the following:

a) what materials should be recycled?

b) what are the benefits of recycling?

c) what is the damage caused to the environment if we don’t recycle?

Your articles should be no more than 150 words.

Waiting for your posts!